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    Zannan Scitech

    In order to quality for the market, service and trust, seek development by innovation;
    Adhering to the full range of services to customers, to meet customer demand as its mission to provide better customer service.

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    Zannan SciTech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-American joint venture hi-tech enterprise established in 2009 in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industry Park, focusing on the innovative R&D and production of high-performance Zhan catalysts and new polymer materials (e.g., HNBR). The company's R&D, sales and headquarters are located in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park (the company's 22-acre and 22,000m2 modern R&D, sales and technical service buildings were completed in 2016), and its manufacturing base is located in Jiaxing Harbor District, Zhejiang Province, specializing in the industrialization of HNBR rubber. Since its establishment, the company has paid great attention to R&D investment and talent training, and now has a highly qualified technical and management team dedicated to the R&D and industrialization of internationally competitive high-performance catalysts and new polymer materials.     

    Zannan has a number of independent invention patents and international cutting-edge technology, and has successfully researched and developed new high-performance materials such as Zhan catalysts for different uses, HNBR rubber and PDCPD. The successful development of these products has broken the global technology monopoly of the United States in the field of ruthenium catalyst, as well as Japan and Germany in the field of HNBR rubber. Our highly efficient Zhan catalysts are at the forefront of the industry and are globally used in new materials and drug synthesis applications. 

    The company is the first author to prpare the national standard for HNBR rubber, and has been awarded as "Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise", "Shanghai Postdoctoral Base Enterprise", and has undertaken many national and provincial and ministerial projects.

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